Black Ice

A devilishly delicious balancing act of fire and ice, tangy blackcurrants, the delicate spicy punch of aniseed and a cool, refreshing layer of menthol on the exhale.

Blue Raspberry

An utterly irresistible blend of rich, ruby-red raspberries and the deeply delicious taste of dark, ripe blueberries. The syrupy sweetness of your favourite blue slushy, with an exquisitely smooth finish.

Fruit Bomb

Rich with red berries, joined by bracing menthol and spicy aniseed. This fabulous combination of flavours produce an e-liquid bursting with flavour, character and satisfaction.

Lemon Papaya

A perfect balance of sharp, zingy citrus and the smooth tropical sweetness of Papaya for a vape that’s fresh, zesty and deliciously exotic.

Menthol Mist

Premium clean, crisp menthol base laced with the sweet punch of garden-fresh peppermint for a deliciously refreshing all-day vape experience.

Raspberry Apple

With tart, tangy raspberries on the inhale softening into fresh and juicy green apples on the exhale for a deliciously fruity taste of summer.

Ultra Berry

With the taste of seven delicious berries packed into one incredible e-liquid. This blend is a symphony of fruity flavour with a rich, tangy sweetness and deliciously smooth finish that will have your taste buds drooling for more.

Ultra Berry Ice

Seven exquisite berries are layered over crushed ice, creating a refreshingly sweet all-day vape that has to be tasted to be believed.